Private Information

This site retains the following private information:

  • Wikimedia usernames
  • For logged in users: OAuth credentials that allow partial access to to your Wikimedia account, including making edits on your behalf
  • Full names of instructors, which are publicly associated with their courses
  • Email addresses of instructors, which are used for course-related information, surveys, and related communication
  • Full names of learners, which are shown only to their instructors and to Wiki Education staff
  • Email addresses of learners, which are used sparingly for course-related information and related communication
  • In error logs to help us diagnose problems: the username, IP address, and browser for each error

We use the open source application Matomo to keep track of site traffic and which browsers and devices are most common, but we only store anonymized IP data.

If you wish, you can remove information about yourself (aside from your wiki edit history) by doing the following:

  • Leave any courses you are participating in.
  • Use the onboarding form to replace your name and email, if present.
  • Edit your user profile page to remove any private information you added there.

For additional details, see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.