Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to switch to a different username — for example, because you used your real name and you want your account to be less identifiable — You can make a straightforward username request at Special:GlobalRenameRequest.

Users can change their username as long as the prospective username is available and doesn’t violate username guidelines. You cannot give yourself a username that is misleading, disruptive, confusing, or that gives off the impression that multiple people are using the account. It’s generally recommended that you avoid using your real name, especially if you edit in controversial areas. Examples of usernames you cannot choose are things like “IamChrisPratt”, “EnglishClassFall”, or “WikipediaEmployee”.

If your account is brand new, you can abandon this account and create a new one. The requirement for this is that the old account must be completely abandoned – you cannot sign into it again to edit or otherwise participate on Wikipedia.

Updating your username on

After your username has been changed on Wikipedia, you can log out of and then log in again; this will update your username for any courses you are participating in.

You can also use this form; enter the new username, and it will update immediately.